Refreshing and healthy

Enjoy your coffee and still feel great! Brewing in coconut water makes Beach Coffee refreshing and healthy, unlike other coffees that either too bitter or are dense with milk, sugar and calories.

Each bottle of Beach Coffee:

  • 10 fl oz. of cold brew coffee
  • Only 45 calories
  • All-natural and only 3 ingredients: coffee, coconut water and water
  • No added sugar, no dairy, no soy, no preservatives, no worries!
  • Caffeine equal to a cup of coffee
  • Ready to drink (not concentrated)
  • Hydrating, naturally rich in potassium, magnesium and electrolytes from coconut water
  • Keep refrigerated, serve cold

A cold coffee unlike any other

Beach Coffee is light, refreshing and has just the right amount of natural sweetness from coconut water.

Beach Coffee - vs - other cold coffees

Black coffees are just too bitter and thin. Sweetened coffees are heavy with calories and are full of milk, sugar and additives. Beach Coffee is the sweet spot in between and has only 3 all-natural ingredients.

Beach Coffee - vs - coffee-flavored coconut waters

Beach Coffee is coffee, not coconut water with coffee flavoring or extract added. Other “coconut coffees” are boxes of processed milk and sugar (used to cover up a bitter shot of coffee) that happen to have some coconut water.

Brewed with only the best ingredients

We’ve hand selected the highest quality coffee to cold brew in young Thai coconut water. The coffee is kept cold every step of the way from brewing to bottling, which keeps our coffee smooth and low in acid. Our patent-pending brewing process ensures an even extraction of coffee and perfectly balanced flavor.

100% Organic, In-Season, Direct Trade Coffee

Our partners help us source the highest quality beans in the world, directly from farmers. Our coffee blend may change to accommodate the freshest crops, but we promise an unwavering flavor profile: classic coffee fullness with complex, jammy notes.

Young Thai coconut water

We’ve found the best-tasting coconut water comes from the beaches of Thailand. These coconuts provide the natural sweetness that makes Beach Coffee special, without needing to add any sugar.