Bring the Beach to Work

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Want Beach Coffee at your office, too? Here’s how.

A coffee your team will love.

Great tasting

Beach Coffee has just the right amount of sweetness and is irresistibly smooth. It’s never bitter and is perfect to enjoy straight from the tap or bottle, unlike other overly-strong and concentrated cold brews.


Made from three whole ingredients, Beach Coffee is all-natural and low calorie (only 45 cal/bottle). It’s simply coffee brewed in coconut water and water. No milk, no added sugar, no soy, no preservatives, nada. Enjoy your coffee every day without the guilt of calorie-laden, sweetened coffees.

Refreshing & energizing

Coconut water hydrates and refreshes the body with natural electrolytes and minerals while coffee gives a boost of energy. Your team will feel refreshed so they can stay on top of their afternoon schedules.

Perfect for companies.

Beat the 2pm slump

Let’s be honest — the 2PM slump is real. Beach Coffee is the best afternoon productivity hack, kicking employees into high gear without added milk or sugar which can cause energy crashes.

Fits your budget

A box of Beach Coffee comes with six 10-oz. bottles, so you can purchase as little or as many boxes as your office needs.

Reduce food waste

Beach Coffee tastes great by itself so employees use less milk and sugar in the office. Spend less time cleaning up in the kitchen.

Two ways to get Beach Coffee in your office:

  1. Order directly from us

    We can delivery Beach Coffee directly to your company’s refrigerators in 10-oz. bottles. To set up direct ordering, email us at

    Where we deliver

    Right now, we’re only able to service companies in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. If you’re still interested in getting Beach Coffee for your company outside of this area, shoot us an email and we’ll keep you posted on our world domination progress.

    Try it free

    If you have 100+ employees at your office, contact us and we’ll drop off a free case for your office to try! Available to Bay Area, CA offices only.

  2. Order from one of our vending partners

    We partner with a few different vending companies that specialize in stocking food, drinks and snacks for offices: BlueStar Refreshment Services and Oh My Green! (OMG!).

    You can order Beach Coffee bottles and kegs from either of these companies directly.