Our Story

Coffee + coconut water? Whoa.

Cold coffee has always been our go-to afternoon pick me up and our favorite kind of coffee on a sunny day. When coconut water hit the scene, it quickly became our choice drink for climbing, surfing, running, and those mornings after a late night.

On a particularly sunny day, these worlds collided and we became obsessed with the idea of combining our two favorite drinks into one.

First we mixed a cold brew concentrate with coconut water. It was…interesting. Then we got the idea to try cold brewing the coffee in the coconut water. Why mix it when we could brew it together? It was...incredible!

We knew we had a special, refreshing, coffee on our hands. A few hundred test batches later and Beach Coffee was born!

Beach Coffee has been crafted for you to enjoy straight out of the bottle with nothing else needed. We’re psyched for you to try it and love it as much as we do! Here’s where you can buy some.

If you want to know more or just drop us a line, get in touch here.